A Headless/Decoupled CMS for All Your Websites and Apps

Deliver results quickly, integrate the CMS with other systems using APIs, and serve content from a single content hub via a global CDN. Reduce project efforts thanks to popular and proven technologies like JavaScript and React.

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  • Enjoy Peace of Mind With a Serverless CMS

    Scrivito's IT infrastructure requires no maintenance on your side. The cloud-based CMS runs on AWS, scales with your needs, guarantees top security level and an availability of over 99.999 %.

  • Take Advantage of Future-Proof Architecture

    Use powerful REST API for your applications and easily integrate third-party software. Reduce project efforts thanks to popular and proven technologies like React, Node.js, and Jamstack.

  • Use Widgets for Creating Websites Efficiently

    Extend your projects with React, and utilize libraries and frameworks from sources like npm or GitHub. Make your frontend code reusable by packaging it as widgets.

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What happens next?

  • Test Scrivito for free for 30 days and decide if you like it, risk free, no credit card needed
  • Request a consultation with one of our Project Managers to discuss your needs and ask any follow-up questions
  • We're happy to advise you on the best option to match your needs

Scrivito is Trusted by More Than 250+ Leading Businesses

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Main Advantages for the Enterprise

  • First class digital experience platforms 
  • Central content hub for all your projects
  • Diverse channels and devices
  • Integration in your IT landscape and third-party systems
  • Excellent cost efficiency
  • Highest security, scalability and availability
  • Unlimited number of country websites and languages
  • Short time-to-market for new projects
  • Optimal usability for editors
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What Customers Say about Scrivito CMS
“Scrivito is much easier to handle and thus more efficient than our previous system.”
"Thanks to its simple operation, editors no longer need as much time to add new content or adapt content."
"A professional CMS for the highest requirements."
Flughafen Nürnberg GmbH
“Optimal usability for web editors.”
LMU Klinikum München
"Flexible CMS for the most varied applications.”
Medizinische Hochschule Hannover ENT Clinic
“The best CMS for complex websites.”
Hochschule Heilbronn
"Due to the headless approach, Scrivito saves a lot of time when setting up projects and enables the seamless integration of other services."
“For us, Scrivito is the most modern, flexible and convenient CMS on the market.”
Pinuts digital thinking GmbH
“A developer-friendly CMS with many possibilities.”
Ergosign GmbH