You Asked & We Listened: New Scrivito Pricing!

As we continue our success and further develop Scrivito, one of our underlying goals is to provide more value for our users. With that goal in mind, we have designed a new pricing structure to make getting started with Scrivito even more affordable. Now with a ridiculously low starting price of $1.99, you can have a professional, proven, native cloud based CMS for less than a cup of coffee. Nobody likes boxes, especially not being put in a box and heaven forbid having to choose the right box. So now – no more boxes. Just a choice, are you a big project with lots of team members or a small project with just a couple. Choose the Team CMS or Personal CMS and you are ready to go. The Personal plan is perfect for small to medium projects with only a few editors. Now starting at only $1.99 per month, you get 200 CMS objects included, along with the same great benefits such as CDN, working copies, WYSIWYG editing, cloud architecture, and our technical support. This plan also includes 2 archived versions so you can feel secure knowing older versions of your site are ready and available should you publish a mistake or decide to revert to an older version. With the new pricing, once you surpass the included 200 objects you will be charged at just 10¢ per CMS object up to 2000 objects. When you reach the 2000 object threshold, it really is time to upgrade to the Team plan. The Team plan is perfect for medium to large web projects with an editorial team. The Team plan includes all the same great benefits as the Personal plan but includes 10 archived versions and access to our Editor Permission Control System. You get the same 200 included CMS objects and the great price of 10¢ per additional object which keeps it affordable as you grow. There is no object limit with this plan so the sky’s the limit. Current customers should not fret as you are grandfathered in and you will continue to receive your current pricing and package. We are also including the features and benefits of the new Team plan in your account to keep everything seamless. Should you exceed the CMS objects in your current package, you have the choice of either bumping up to what would have been the next package OR switching to the new model where you can benefit from our new pricing of just 10¢ per CMS object. The choice is yours, at any time, we will never force you to change. The account dashboard at is filled with tons of useful information about your CMS instances. The Statistics tab on each CMS instance can help you keep track of your published CMS object count, publishing events and even request statistics. With the new pricing's pay-as-you-go format, the dashboard keeps you informed and on budget.  As we continue to improve Scrivito and include more features, we think, this new simple pricing will make Scrivito more fair and affordable. Scrivito’s new pricing is a great opportunity to get started with a professional cloud-based CMS that is designed to grow with you and makes sure you only pay for what you use.