Case Study: TVSmiles is Expanding Their Reach Beyond a Mobile App Using Scrivito

About the customer: 
is on a mission to get the most out of advertisements and turn viewers into customers again. The app combines ads, games and an extensive mobile loyalty program in a unique way. Instead of simply showing ungainly ads that aren’t adapted to mobile, TVSMILES stages ads as a trivia game and rewards users for engaging with Smiles, the official in-app currency. The users can then redeem the Smiles for cool products and vouchers.

About the project:
Using Scrivito, TVSmiles is expanding their reach beyond a mobile app into the web. Next to managing Smiles and encouraging shopping for awards, TVSmiles features a huge selection of deals, which again reward every purchase with additional Smiles.

«We cannot get enough of Scrivito’s usability. WYSIWYG editing lets us place content directly on a site.»
– Gaylord Zach, CPO & Co-Founder at TVSMILES

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