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The Scrivito Widget Library

A curated collection of widgets

The Scrivito widget library lists several hand picked widgets and the top widgets, as ranked by npm, available to add to your Scrivito projects. Along with the Scrivito Example app, which has 30 widgets already included, npm provides an ever growing registry of widgets provided by our developers and the greater Scrivito community. If you would like to have one of your widgets featured here, feel free to contact us: we are happy to add it to this page.


Scrivito Eventbrite Widget

Two React components/Scrivito widgets to get Eventbrite events from the Eventbrite REST-API. The Eventbrite widget displays a single event from Eventbrite. The Eventbrite list widget displays a teaser list with all events on your Scrivito site.

Widget properties:

  • Eventbrite event ID


Scrivito Twitter Timeline Widget

A Twitter timeline React component/Scrivito widget for the Scrivito CMS.

Widget properties:

  • Twitter name e.g. “scrivito”


Scrivito Salesforce Widget  

A Scrivito widget to capture leads and submit to Salesforce

Widget properties:

  • Agreement text

  • Button Text
  • Background color
  • Salesforce Organization ID
  • Return URL

  • For instructions on adding these items to your Scrivito website follow the instructions in the respective Readme.

  • To submit your own Scrivito widgets follow this tutorial, and publish to NPM.