Sharing a Working Copy by Adding Owners

Scrivito lets you invite users to your CMS. Via your CMS settings you can also define roles and assign them to the CMS users in order to specify the actions each user is permitted or denied to perform (e.g. publish working copies). After a new user has accepted the invitation, you can share your working copies with them.

After creating a working copy, you are its only owner. To add further owners for collaboration, open the working copy settings.

Now, in the “Owners” input box, place the caret behind your name or login, and start typing the name of the colleague. From the list of suggested users that appears, select the person you were looking for.

This way, you can share your working copy with any number of users. Note that you as well as all co-owners can add users to and remove them from this list. However, the actions owners are permitted to perform depend on the role they were given by an administrator of the CMS. On the Personal plan, all users have Administrator permissions. On the Team and Enterprise plans there are five distinct roles:

  • Administrator
    Administrators have full control over the CMS and its working copies. Also, this role is required to invite users and to change a user’s role.  
  • Developer
    Developers are permitted to deploy apps and change URLs.
  • Chief Editor
    Owners of this role have access to all working copies and are permitted to publish any of them.
  • Editor With Publishing
    A user with this role only have access to their own working working copies and are permitted to publish them.
  • Editor Without Publishing
    Owners of this role may access their own working copies but are not permitted to publish them, meaning that they need to approach a chief editor or an administrator for this.