Measurable Success «10 Checkpoints for Future-Proof Enterprise CMS» White Paper
Measurable Success - White Paper

Business Plans

Pricing for larger businesses and enterprises with many editors and large amounts of content

10¢per content object
Unlimitedactive editors
100GBdata transfer included
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10¢per content object
$99per active editor
250GBdata transfer included
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10¢per content object
$99per active editor
1TBdata transfer included
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25,000objects included
10¢per additional content object
$99per active editor
1TBdata transfer included
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Feature / Plan





Global Infrastructure including Hosting and CDN

Zero-maintenance headless backend + API

Powerful WYSIWYG Editing UI

Serverless JavaScript development

Unlimited number of widgets and page types

Powerful search engine

Collaborative parallel editing and auto-saving

Protected live content PRO

Permission and roles PRO

Working Copy Reviews PRO

External Editor User Management / SSO PRO

Advanced Multi-Site Management PRO / beta

Advanced Multi-Language Management PRO / beta

For more details about our Business Pricing and further options, see our Business Pricing Guide (PDF) – or talk to us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a content object?

Every unique piece of content (with the exception of widgets) is a CMS content object, e.g. a page, an image, video, PDF document, etc. As a general rule of thumb: Anything that is accessible via a URL is an object.

So if you have 100 web pages with one image on each page, you’ll have 200 objects. Add 20 videos, you’ll have 220 objects. Add 30 PDF’s, you’ll have 250 objects. Easy.

By the way, we don’t care how many widgets you are using. It’s only about objects.

What is an active editor?

Editors count as active editors for the current month as soon as they log in at least once during a calendar month.

Is hosting included?

Yes. We teamed up with our friends from Netlify to automatically deploy your Scrivito JavaScript website to a global network of intelligent CDN nodes. Also, you can manage your domains and DNS, set up SSL (HTTPS) with one click, and pre-render your site for SEO and sharing links on social networks.

In short: Netlify was built for serverless JAMstack websites like Scrivito.

How many domains/sites can I deploy?

As many as you want. Scrivito only cares about the number of objects – it’s up to you on how many domains your website will actually be available. You can manage an unlimited number of websites within a Scrivito instance.

All prices are VAT exclusive. EU customers need to provide us with a valid EU VAT number at the moment of purchase. If you do not have a valid VAT number, please contact our customer support.

Not sure which plan is best for you?

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You can also call our sales team during business hours at +1-877-777 97 68 (US) or +49 30 747993-0 (Europe).