Scrivito is proudly made by JustRelate Group in Berlin, Germany, and Wrocław, Poland.
Scrivito is proudly made by JustRelate Group

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About Scrivito

Scrivito is revolutionizing the way websites are built and managed. Scrivito is a user-friendly SaaS Content Management Service (CMS) empowering digital agencies and mid to large sized businesses. Built for the cloud using JavaScript-based technologies, Scrivito provides the most flexible solution for developing and running secure and reliable websites. Scrivito is headquartered in Berlin, with offices in the U.S. and Poland and backed by Infopark Group, a trusted pioneer in CMS technologies for over 20 years. For more information please visit and follow us on @Scrivito.

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The Scrivito Logo

Alternative Scrivito Logo Variants

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Logo only Color (PNG, SVG)

This is our logo with a transparent background as an SVG file (alternatively: PNG). Our Scrivito-Green is #439539 (or Pantone 363C) and the font we use is OpenSans.

Feel free to use the logo for:

  • Linking back to
  • Advertising that your project was built with Scrivito
  • A blog post, press or news article about Scrivito

In case you prefer a simple text link, we’d recommend the following HTML code:
<p>This site is powered by <a href="">Scrivito - your websites just run better with us.</a></p>

Logo use is disallowed for:

  • Use the Scrivito logo as your application’s icon
  • Create a modified version of the Scrivito logo
  • Integrate the Scrivito logo into your logo
  • Use any Scrivito artwork without permission
  • Sell any Scrivito artwork without permission
  • Change the colors, dimensions or add your own text/images

Legal trademark and logo information

In short, the Scrivito logo represents only Scrivito and must not be used to represent your products. The Scrivito logo is the exclusive property of Infopark Group. Scrivito is a registered EU (012916748) and US (79158481) trademark. All rights reserved. Any kind of adaptation, any kind of use of any of our registered trademarks or copyrights, or any use of content part of this website requires express written permission of Infopark Group.