Expanding Scrivito’s Pricing Options

Announcing new pricing options for Scrivito

As we expand the feature set of Scrivito, we also have to determine the most appropriate pricing model for our customers. We have always considered pricing to be an important factor, but the fact remains that the product needs to grow, and requests from our enterprise level customers continue to expand. In an effort to keep our pricing appropriate, as well as looking at the usage models of Scrivito, it became clear we have several very different use cases for Scrivito. In this vein we have developed an expanded pricing model. The new pricing is split between “Individual” and “Business” pricing.

Now, when you visit our Pricing page, you will find the two choices, Individual pricing and Business pricing. Individual pricing is designed for smaller websites with only a few editors. These plans have a lower price as they do not include the extra features developed for our enterprise customers. Business pricing is for larger websites with more editors and include features to better manage many editors as well as the enterprise level features.

We will continue to strive to keep Scrivito the best value in the CMS market and, as always, existing customer's plans will not change unless requested. So let’s detail the new plans so you can better determine the best fit.

Individual pricing

Our fair and simple Scrivito Pricing for Individuals allows individuals, bloggers, small business owners, start-ups, freelancers and smaller agencies to use the powerful possibilities of Scrivito to create and manage websites. Every individual plan features exactly the same technology we use to power the websites of our large enterprise customers – for a fraction of the price. Your website is always available, scalable and secure, ensuring your peace of mind even in the middle of the night.

200objects maximum
1editor login
Buy now
500objects maximum
3editors logins
Buy now

A 10% discount will be applied on all plans when payed yearly in advance. For more details see our Pricing for Individuals Guide (PDF).

Business pricing

Scrivito’s Business pricing is suited for medium to large businesses and agencies who’d like to make use of our Pro Features. Our transparent pricing plans will help you to find the plan which best suit your needs. Every plan allows you to manage an unlimited number of websites which run on our world class, secure and redundant global infrastructure – powered by AWS – including your contents and applications being hosted and distributed worldwide via CDN.

10¢per content object
Unlimitedactive editors
100GBdata transfer included
Let's talk
10¢per content object
$99per active editor
250GBdata transfer included
Let's talk
10¢per content object
$99per active editor
1TBdata transfer included
Let's talk
25,000objects included
10¢per additional content object
$99per active editor
1TBdata transfer included
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Feature / Plan





Global Infrastructure including Hosting and CDN

Zero-maintenance headless backend + API

Powerful WYSIWYG Editing UI

Serverless JavaScript development

Unlimited number of widgets and page types

Powerful search engine

Collaborative parallel editing and auto-saving

Protected live content PRO

Permission and roles PRO

Working Copy Reviews PRO

AI-powered Image Recognition PRO / beta

External Editor User Management / SSO PRO

Advanced Multi-Site Management PRO / beta

Advanced Multi-Language Management PRO / beta

For more details about our Business Pricing and further options, see our Business Pricing Guide (PDF) – or talk to us!

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