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Measurable Success - White Paper

10 Checkpoints for Future-Proof Enterprise CMS

Measurable Success

10 points to measure the success of a CMS. Only measuring can indicate what can be improved. Behind every aspect in this paper, there are years of experience in the CMS world from the authors. There are also strong technical skills and a strong belief that it is important to build a new generation of Enterprise SaaS CMS which radically changes the approach to how a CMS needs to meet the next generation of digitalization requirements.

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From the paper: Introduction

Does the CMS have it all?

Your Content Management System Checklist
  • 100 % full-stack, cloud-native
  • > 99.95 % availability of service
  • > 160 CDN locations to scale content globally
  • < 10 minutes of training to become an editor
  • > 10k audited React frameworks and 0 insecure plug-ins
  • 0 attack vectors and possible hacks by being serverless
  • < 2 seconds page loading time globally
  • 100 % headless APIs to access content from anywhere
  • 0 maintenance cost
  • < 60 seconds needed for first deployment

Limitations of current CMSs

The web has constantly changed and improved since Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented it in 1989. Unfortunately, the technology behind it has not. Web pages still load too slowly, responsiveness sometimes is just a promise, and weak security remains an ongoing issue. Content contributors still find themselves filling out complex forms in content management systems and clicking preview buttons to see the results, which is often far from how it looks to actual users.
The answer is the next-generation enterprise SaaS CMS, which addresses measurable success factors such as scalability, flexibility, speed, and intuitiveness, and is based on modern, innovative, proven and reliable technology.

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