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The JavaScript Web Development Revolution

«How technologies like ReactJS and serverless computing will change the world.»

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From the book: Introduction

2018 is a watershed moment for web development. Legacy content management systems (CMS) like Wordpress et al have failed to keep up with the demands of modern web development. As more organizations and digital agencies embrace an agile approach to marketing in order to deliver dynamic, ever-changing customer experiences, the technologies we choose to drive those web and app experiences can create or remove huge obstacles in the development cycle.

Enter the dream team of serverless computing and ReactJS. Considered the next generation of cloud computing, serverless is making it possible to build powerful apps and websites without a server, without the maintenance headache, and without the need for constant security patching. Combine that with ReactJS, the innovative JavaScript library that’s backed by Facebook, and now you’re able to quickly deliver secure websites and apps with dynamic front-ends, highly interactive content and sleek UIs.

Welcome to the web development revolution. Anchored in massive technology leaps that are driven by client-side rendering and serverless computing, it’s a new way of development that drives better performance, maximum security, lower cost of scaling and a better developer experience.

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