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Serverless Technology Intuitive in-place WYSIWYG editing Drag-and-Drop Auto-saving Requires coding Modular page composition through widgets Partially, no WYSIWYG Working copies for letting teams or individuals edit content independently (like Git branches) Flexible data models (e.g. custom page types, widgets, attributes, …) Requires plugins 100% multi-tenancy cloud solution Assets (images, videos, …) are out-of-the-box handled and uploaded to a scalable data store (e.g. S3), so that asset requests don't hit your website Built-in CDN option for all assets uploaded to the CMS Advanced full-text, faceted and fielded search built-in Advanced media asset handling (image editing, EXIF/IPTC recognition, full-text search for metadata) Partially Automatic image resizing/processing Supports responsive web design (mobile/tablet preview, responsive image resizing) Requires plugins Built-in tagging support Multi-language sites Partially Only Pro/ Enterprise Multiple sites Partially All client-side components are open source Versatile API available Built-in intelligent caching for components and pages Requires plugins Comprehensive SEO Support and Social Media out-of-the-box (Metatags,  Twitter Cards, FB OpenGraph) Requires plugins Requires plugins Requires plugins Cloud storage, no local database required Ensures high availability and scalability (e.g. through distribution over multiple data centers) Requires significant effort Requires significant effort Requires significant effort Licensing costs Monthly SaaS Subscription Free: Open Source Free: Open Source High: Commercial license Monthly SaaS Subscription Hosting costs Included Low Low High: Requires custom installation by a trained professional Low Maintenance effort / running costs Low, as simple as updating an npm package Medium: Requires constant upgrading (also due to numerous security bugs) Medium: Requires constant upgrading High: Requires custom installation by a trained professional Low, gem update CMS backend installable on your own servers Community-provided themes and add-ons A few Yes, many Yes, many Professional support team available for answering questions At extra cost Only through 3rd party At extra cost Scrivito Wordpress Drupal Adobe CQ5 Contentful

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